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Thank you, Church, for your courteous and thoughtful adjustment back to wearing masks while on campus.  The Washington State mask mandate is a well-meaning effort to keep all of us safe and healthy.  Almost without exception and nary a complaint, we are gathering with masks in place for fellowship, prayer, singing and worship.  We are so grateful for your generous spirit and kind deportment.  Masks are a small inconvenience compared to the joy and privilege of corporate prayer, study, and worship.  Your willingness to mask and vaccinate protects others who may be more vulnerable to the deadly effects of COVID-19 and its variants.  Your cooperation in this regard also lessens the burden on health care providers and helps ensure that medical care is available for everyone in need.
To be clear, this is not an attack on religious liberty any more than restrictions on public smoking or seatbelt and helmet requirements for travel.  This is not a breach of our God-ordained right to choose.  To the contrary, this is an opportunity for the body of Christ to be peacemakers, good health promoters, and good citizens and friends. 
Thank you again for being JOYFUL, COOPERATIVE, KIND . . . and masking up if you are 5 and older, regardless of vaccine status.


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