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Your spiritual life should be exciting, adventurous, creative, healing, meaningful, and fulfilling.  The redemptive work of Christ in us and among us is the most important commitment you will ever make and includes every description above and more!   Where ever you are, what ever you are doing, I pray that the spirit of the living God will jump start your spiritual life in a fresh and new way today.  Put on your seat belts!  We are embarking on an adventure of service and growth at Shelton Seventh-day Adventist Church!


A Pale Horse Rides Bible Seminar
A Live Bible Seminar Coming with Shawn Boonstra

From The Voice of Prophecy/Filmed on Location
October 27th & 28th


The untold story 1,200 years in the making.

Discover a remnant tribe of barbarians who find their faith outside the confines of the religious movement.  With a copy of the Bible and no rules to lead them, they developed a society whose beliefs will forever change what you know and believe about your faith.  Oct. 27th at 7pm / Rome is Burning, Oct. 28th at 11am / Barbarian Fire, 12:15pm join us for a Vegetarian Fellowship Lunch and at 2:30pm / An Underground Movement.    Free book!  A Pale Horse Rides  by Shawn Boonstra




The first Sabbath (Saturday) and the third Sabbath (Saturday) of each month we have vegetarian potlucks after our regular church service.  Some months this may change due to special events going on in the church so always check the church calendar for updates. It is great time for fellowship and delicious vegetarian food, visitors are warmly welcomed.  God bless.  :-)




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Upcoming Events

Sabbath School - Oct 21, Sat 10:00 AM
Worship Service - Oct 21, Sat 11:00 AM
Vegetarian Potluck Lunch - Oct 21, Sat 12:15 PM
Bible Study / Prayer Meeting - Oct 25, Wed 6:00 PM
A Pale Horse Rides Bible Seminar - Oct 27, Fri 7:00 PM - Rome is Burning At its height, the Roman Empire was the...
A Pale Horse Rides Bible Seminar - Oct 28, Sat 11:00 AM - Barbarian Fire Visist one of the most remote places on earth,...

The Bible Says